After a late winter and short spring, Ontario field-grown fruits and vegetables are beginning to reach the local markets. Asparagus leads the charge every summer and this year the quality and taste has been exceptional. There is still time to enjoy but the season always ends too soon.
Fresh Ontario strawberries are in our Port Sandfield Market now! Warm weather has made the berries extra sweet.

In addition to these favourites, we have garden peas and green beans fresh from the fields. Radishes and zucchini have also arrived. There is an abundant supply as well of local greenhouse veggies like cucumbers,peppers and tomatoes. We’re bringing all this freshness to our Muskoka market everyday.

A unique new item in our produce department is locally grown lettuce that arrives un-harvested in its own bag with soil. By adding a little water occasionally these lettuces will remain fresh and alive while you use portions. No more lettuce going bad in your fridge because you couldn’t use it up fast enough. There is both a Boston lettuce and a Mixed Leaf lettuce available now. We’ll see what other greens may take advantage of this marketing breakthrough.